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Specialists in classic car restoration and servicing of Vintage and Classic cars.  Enthusiastic Craftsmanship at very competitive rates.

  • Chassis up or part  vintage classic car restoration
  • Servicing and crypton tuning for most historic /classic /collectors vehicles
  •  Traditional Panel beating and spraying
  • Engine and gearbox rebuilds
  • Rewiring and re-trimming in traditional and modern materials
We undertake all restoration work large or small, from small rust repairs through to complete restoration projects and even accident damage if you are unfortunate to suffer a mishap in your classic. All work is photographed and documented. Where possible restorative work is done to factory specification, panels are replaced to the original joins and spotwelded as they would have been at manufacture.
If you have a Classic Car you would like to have restored or repaired? Be it a large or small job, we will be happy to give you a written quotation. quotations  for work depend usually on us being able to see the car, or at least seeing a set of photos showing close-ups of any trouble areas.

We concentrate on quality and thorough work - no quick fixes! Potential customers are advised to consider to what lengths they would like their projects to go (i.e. to 'every day use' level or 'concours') and what they would be prepared to spend.  Restoration is never cheap, but it can represent good value if, of course, the car in question is worth restoring and of course a sound long term investment.


M O T 

MoT Work

When your MoT test falls due you might like to bring us the car and have us arrange the test with our friendly local testing station. The MOT tester there see quite a few of our customers cars, so they are familiar with Classic cars and offer a classic friendly MOT. 

We can check you car over first if required, arrange the test (free of charge except of course the test fee), carry out any necessary repairs should the car not pass and arrange re-testing ( no re test fee if returned for retest in 14 days ).

we will be happy to carry out all repairs needed to pass the MOT.

MOT time needn`t be the source of dread it might be with the right kind of help available at the end of a phone line.

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